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Discount code for September = ADO23. TYPE THE CODE AT CHECKOUT TO RECEIVE 10% OFF YOUR TOTAL ORDER. This code is for the website and can not be used on eBay or email orders. 


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It is possible to buy items that are out of stock. Simply purchase the item you are interested in, this will create an order for your item. I order from MOSS UK every week, Generally on Wednesdays.  Your out of stock item will be added to my UK order. We will let you know when your parts arrive. 


Our continued excellent relationship with MOSS Europe, our Container orders and our low margins means we are able to offer the lowest prices on the best value and quality parts . Our relationship with MOSS Europe also means we have the best warranty around. 

 Together with MOSS Europe we are able to source the best quality parts at the best price in Australia.There will always be CHEAP but if the quality is not there, we won't touch them. 

Find a part number ANYWHERE, eBay, MOSS UK or US. Enter it in the search box and instantly find what you are looking for. 


Welcome to MG Sales and Service. We are the largest supplier of quality Moss Europe spare parts in Australia. Specialising in the MG marque. Our enthusiastic staff have over 90 years of combined expertise in dealing with classic British motor cars. We pride ourselves on our quick and efficient service, dispatching most orders on the same or next day. 

New freight charges Click here to see our freight rates

Starting in October we will be Online only. All sales will be directed to the website, eBay or email. You will no longer be able to call us. If you need to contact us either send an email : or contact us via the email page

Please note:- As we do not have any shop facilities we regret that it is not possible to visit us and purchase items over the counter. 

However if you would like to pre-order items and collect them, this is not a problem, please email us before placing your order.

If you get really stuck, send us an email that includes your phone number and we will call as soon as we can.

See our Frequently asked questions for more details




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