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    Body & Chassis                                          Brakes                               Clutch gearbox & Axle                      Cooling
          Electrical                                                Engine                                       Exhaust                                             Exterior         
Fuel System & Induction                        Heaters & Ventilation                Interior                                Performance          
Road Wheels & Fittings             Steering & Suspension                        Collections             
    Designed by Sir Alec Issigonis for BMC, the Mini was introduced in 1959 with production at the Longbridge and Cowley plants. Over its lifetime the Mini had many different variants and owners, this didn’t stop it being a sales hit, with equal success on road, track and rallies. BMC initially marketed the ‘Mini’ under the Austin and Morris brands until 1969 when Mini became it’s own brand. The ailing British motor industry leads to the formation of the Austin Rover Group in 1981. A subsidiary of British Leyland, this restructure was intended to save car production in the UK. The group included many great British automotive marques including Triumph, Morris, Riley and Wolseley. In 1989 ARG was incorporated into the Rover Group which survived until 2008 when it was purchased and it’s marques sold to other automotive manufacturers. Through all of this the Mini was a survivor with production ending in 2000.