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0.00 - 499g                          $14.50
0.00 - 499g EXPRESS        $24.50
500g - 2.99KG                     $20.00
500g - 2.99KG EXPRESS   $30.00
3.00KG - 4.99KG                 $35.00
5.00KG - 9.99KG                 $45.00
10.00KG - 29.99KG             $65.00
OVER 30.00KG                   $500.00

Due to items going missing or posted items taking too long ALL items will now come with tracking. A Minimum of $14.50 will apply to all orders to cover Postage, Packaging and Tracking.
Note. Some item will get their freight worked out as a "cubed" rate rather than their actual weight
Note. Some large items will work out to $500.00 freight. This will not be whats charged, This is simply to allow us to quote the exact freight for you.
If you think the freight has been calculated incorrectly, please contact us